Hello world! Here’s the lazy blogger again. This trip is almost two weeks now. Not over yet on sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning which means noon.

It’s not really very hard to find good places to go to get good food in Cebu. For picky eaters you would take some time to sit down and search.

This is one of my most favorite place here in Cebu. Moon Cafe is everywhere here in Cebu. Its a mexican restaurant. This one is located inside Cybergate in Fuente Osmena Circle in Cebu City. It’s right across the ChongHua hospital. I tried other dish here but nothing beats my favorite yet!— “Gambas Luna”. Its a shrimp cooked with butter and shitload of garlic. Oh I love it!!! Tanner had burrito and Kramer had quesadia. This is a friendly place to go from breakfast to dinner. I am super super full. Bloated!!!! I wish Kamea and Taer is with us though. Miss them so much

My favorite drink here is this juice loaded with some fruits:melon,oranges,kalamansi. Rich in vitamin C yeah! Best place to go even if you are all by your self or on a date or with friends or workmates and or family!

I love the music they play. It makes me wanna dance while waiting for my order. Staff were very friendly. They might change their staff from time to time but hopefully when you come here you will get the best service you want or need. Happy eating! Happy blogging!❤️



“Welcome to Sirao garden players…!”

This is half way through this trip! Oh! This fascinating rows of colorful flowers line up in large spacious field are so beautiful!!! The tropical flowers are very welcoming!


They said it all started when a couple planted flowering plants to be harvested and sold on All Soul’s Day. They noticed that their garden is attracting visitors so they decided not to cut them at all. The tourists encouraged them to plant more. The more plants and flowers in the garden meant more visitors too. These flowers provide a perfect edge for taking pictures.

It was a nice experience with Tanner and his friends Richard and Kramer. We started our Sirao adventure with some snacks from the sari sari store found outside the tourist spot. Me,Tanner and Kramer had “banana-Q” and Richard had “grilled corn”. We had one young coconut that day. It was good but not as good as young buko in my home(Mindanao Island).


TOUR PACKAGES BY BUS. For tourist who came from other countries you can get it by tour packages depending what and whos company you booked in. Which probably you’ll be tour by bus in group.

RENT A CAR is another option. You can either hire the company driver or self drive. Self drive would be good if you know where to go but if you wanna save your time and be able to get to your destination asap then better hire a driver who knows better. Traffic and parking is one big deal-huge thing to consider. It will take an hour max to get to in Sirao.

BY JEEPNEY OR HABAL-HABAL. This is a prepaid sort of thing. This risk your time and energy but would definitely cost you less money. If you are backpackers then you wouldn’t mind doing this. Its part of the adventure risking time and energy.



When I came here in Cebu 10 years ago this was the first tastiest bread I’ve ever had in my life. Its worth the price. My favorite is what they call “floss”. Tanner and I let his bestfriends try these bread. I was very excited with their reaction. Richard tried the “floss” the regular and the spicy (not really spicy). He likes it. Kramer had the “pizza bread” or however they may call it. It’s really good too but I love the “floss” bread better. Whats in it? The toppings were tiny strips of chicken meat. The sticky sauce they put with it is bum! I could eat 5 pieces in a row at a time.

When you come to Cebu looking for the tasty bread you should come here and try. You can have more info on their website

Small Dates Matter

Cheers! Big heart for this refreshing beverage.

Lovin every small dates we have every time we can. We needed some time alone together and yes we deserve some reward together. When I say small what I meant is short time date because of a limited time because we had to go back home for the kids as soon as possible.  Tried the “blue lemonade” your choice and it was so good! It makes me think of vodka though. I remember those drunky days and me and friend usually got the blue vodka they call it “kamikazee”. Different bars name them the same but sometimes they spell it differently. I got sick of it eventually well… its not healthy at all. Those wild days though really teaches me a lot of things.

Here’s to the most satisfying date food ever and as usual they don’t ever changed the taste. Its so good! you would not want to stop eating.

I know I blogged about this place before but oh well I cant stop complimenting their food and at the same time just another journal where I can mentioned how I appreciate our small dates and its always a BIG date. I love my love so much for never missing a date with me whenever we can despite of our busy days with kids. Every couples need some time alone. It renews the feeling for each other too. Needed some kind of moment from time to time. It really enhances the love for each other.

I highly recommend their “spring salad”. What we had(again) was the “chicken spring salad” and they also have “tuna spring salad”. I love the olive oil and balsamic vinegar to mixed in it. Me and Tanner have hate and love for olives. He hates it and I love it! more especially stuffed with “anchovis”. Oh yea I love anchovis!!!


How it feels like living on top floors were one of my curiousities. It was after new year then we had planned to go visit Cebu for work and celebrate anniversary. Tanner’s friend Malik had us in the condo he was renting for his vacation in Cebu. It was in one of the condo units in Horizon 101.

My feet were shaking at first when I look down through the glass wall. Thats how I got that photo. It felt like the ground wants to pull me down for 10 seconds.!The view is very flattering. It stretches out my breath to see this wide view. This made me think to do skydiving. I like to imagine myself to do that. I would really wanna try that at least once in my lifetime. I would not know when but somehow someday I would.

That side of the building shows the buildings towards Ayala.

This one is the view on the other side of the building. This side of the building showing towards SM City Cebu. I miss living here in Cebu City. But due to a certain situation we had to moved back and stay here in Mindanao province for a while. I don’t mind living in a condo unit but living in a regular 1st floored to 2nd floored house is better so I can do garden directly on the ground. And I like smaller size house. I prefer staying in a condo if not for business, for vacation. It so nice to see this view sometimes. I prefer a direction where I can see both sunrise and sunset but we are in the unit located in the middle. But the short vacation last month was worthed and had fun the few bar hops we did at night and those walking under the rain moments. I love corny moments sometimes 😊


Whats your best photo editor app?

I am happy with what I did for my cards using the InShot app. I will only print them out 85.60mm x 63.98mm like ID size anyway so I dont really have to worry the image to be pixelated. Coz the set up of my image only fit to that size. Glad downloaded this app. For sure there are other available app that provide better result too but I have no much time to download and try all of them so maybe you can share it with me? This is so far one of the most useful app for my library. Thanks for reading. Happy blogging!❤️


I am very excited to give these cute flamingo mini notebooks. I am offering an exclusive giveaways to the first 10 client for microblading. I think ladies would love this mini notebooks too.

I made a gift certificate card design that is ready to be printed. I am using Inshot app to make all these including watermarkings. This app is very simple and useful. It let me do what I need to do.

And for my advertising card here it is! I can’t wait for my upcoming clients! Wish me luck! Happy blogging everyone!😘❤️


I had comfortable stay in this hotel in Makati Manila. Staff were very nice. Accomodation was check! The service in general is good!

Their dining area is very clean.

My free breakfast was awesome!

Staff should always follow the rule in serving food. Beverages first! Good job!

Under that table closet is a mini refrigerator. Convenient!

The bathroom was fine. No hot shower to those who wants one. But all in all its clean and the toilet flushes well. If your a big person your knee wont hit anywhere while your doing your thing😊


Hot and Spicy Ground Pork Curry by Amy

When I went to Manila this is one “kokumaro curry mixed sauce” of the things I looked from grocery stores there. Went Fisher Mall in Quezon City. There were three kinds but took two to try. I can’t find it in the grocery stores here in the province. I like how easy it is. I am no cook so ready mixed sauces is pretty handy for me. My mom and my brother are good cook. I guest I got my no cook talent from my father😂 I’m tryng every freakin day tho for my love ones😊

I love curry. I love the smell,the color,the taste. Its perfect to pair with rice as well❤️


Ground Pork



Black Pepper

Jalapeno Bell Pepper



Kokumaro Curry Mix



If I could afford to eat here every meal everyday I would. “WE WOULD”!

It is now a traditional for me and Tanner to have date here. We start with Spring Salad then pizza and pasta “bologne”. I strongly recommend this place. It won’t let you down if your looking for an Italian food.

There are only few places here in Dipolog where you can get the best taste of food. The rest would only look good but they are okay.